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Roller Skiing 101

Roller skiing is an excellent way to cross-train in the off-season while

using your skiing muscles. Here’s what you need to hit the trails with confidence: (more…)

End of Season Sale

Skis and winter clothing on sale!

All winter clothing 40% off regular prices.

Past-season skis including:

  • Yoko YXS Optigrip 2.0, pink and blue, now $99 (were $225.)

  • Yoko YXR (non-Carbon) Skate and Classic skis are now $350 (were $599.)

  • Peltonen Infra X WCR Classic skis are now $350 (were $599.)

  • Yoko YXS Skate and Classic skis are now $99 (were $160.)

  • Salomon RC Classic skis are now $250 (were $425.)

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