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Roller Skiing 101

Roller skiing is an excellent way to cross-train in the off-season while

using your skiing muscles. Here’s what you need to hit the trails with confidence:


Marwe roller skis
Known for their excellent “snow feel,” Marwe roller skis are the skis of choice for the U.S. Cross-Country team, U.S. Biathlon team, and the Canadian biathlon team. They are strong, stable, and reliable, and suited for all ability levels.
Marwes are made with either aluminum or composite shafts. Aluminum is more cost-effective, so is ideal for the individual who maybe only roller skis twice a week as cross training. Composite is the premium roller ski for the athlete who intends to put the hours in. More on the differences here.
Essential roller ski accessories
1.  Poles with ferrules. You can use your snow poles, but you’ll need to swap out the baskets with ferrules, which are designed for use on hard surfaces. Ferrules, like poles, come in different diameters so if you have any questions about fit, swing by or give us a call at 651-645-2443.
2.  Lightweight gloves. We sell roller ski glovesfrom Yoko and Toko. You want something on your hands for protection in case you fall.
3.  A helmet. A bike helmet works fine. Consider adding a reflective vest and knee and/or elbow pads to your kit.

General advice
We’ve got suggestions on how to roller ski safely here, and some guidelines on maintenance here.

Check out these videos from Marwe and Andy Newell. Don’t miss the final video on the agility course.  He is definitely breaking all our recommended safety rules! Get some in-person training with Endurance United. Details below.

Upcoming Events:

Adult Learn to Roller Ski with Endurance United starts May 19
If you are new to roller skiing or need a quick refresher, then this is the class for you! Meet either at Elm Creek on Monday evenings or Battle Creek on Sunday afternoons for three lessons.
Participants will receive our best price on a pair of Marwe roller skis: $325 (regular price $389.) So grab and friend and sign up! Get the details here.

Vakava Juniors Summer Training Program begins June 10
Join our summer training program this summer and ski faster next season! We focus on developing excellent technique in both skate and classic skiing through dryland and roller ski sessions. All sessions are in the Battle Creek area; two- and three-time a week options available. More info and registration materials here.

Dr. Heather Cichanowski, MD talks about shoulder injuries, June 10 @ 6 pm
Born and raised in Winona, Heather has been an avid Nordic skier since childhood. She is a lead primary care orthopaedic and sports medicine physician at HealthPartners, and is the team physician for the US Cross-Country Ski team. As a competitive athlete, she knows from experience how important it is for injured athletes to get back to their sports as quickly and as safely as possible.

See you on the trail!

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