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2018/19 Epilogue — What did we learn: technique matters

Teaching lessons, watching people ski, and selling ski equipment has allowed me to think critically about who we are as skiers and how we ski. I commonly see skiers buying new skis and wax, whether it’s for racing or not, but still skiing with the same technique that they learned years and years ago. The truth is, poor technique slows you down. We are spending hours upon hours on the trails, more money on our equipment, and more time perfecting our wax skills, so it only makes sense that we update our technique too.

Instructors are going through more training and know what to specifically look for when it comes to fine-tuning your technique in order to make you a faster and more efficient skier, so taking a lesson is a good idea if you have never had one or if it has been a few years. You can also bring someone with you on the trail and have them film your skiing from multiple angles. This way you can be your own critic and notice where you may be falling into bad habits. Lastly, it is important that you always set a goal for yourself each time you ski. Think of something that you want to improve on that day and work on it throughout your ski. Focusing on many of the smaller details will eventually help you build up a strong and consistent technique.

If we invest as much into our technique as we do in our equipment and wax, we will start to see much more improvement when it comes to both our personal enjoyment of skiing and our race results. We have to be willing to take the time to analyze how we ski and make changes for the better, whether this is done with the help of an instructor or by yourself.

–Rebecca Kolstad


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