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2018-19 Epilogue — What did we learn: manufacturing changes in waxes

The European Union has regulations scheduled to take effect in 2020 that prohibit the manufacture of materials found in fluorinated ski wax. As a result of this regulation, ski wax is changing. Staples like Rex’s TK-72 are being updated (now we have TK-73) to accommodate this policy change. Spoiler alert: the change is good. The new waxes typically test faster than their old counterparts. Ski wax will continue changing a lot over the next couple of years in order for the new wax lines to be compliant with the regulation. It will be important to keep up to date with the new waxes and see what’s working.


Another important aspect of testing is the application method. You can apply the same wax using different methods of application and get very different speed results. For example, if you apply the same fluor block to skis using hand cork, hand fleece, roto cork, and roto fleece you will get skis with differing speeds. The fastest application can change with the conditions. At the end of the day we do all of the testing, wax, application, grind, etc. so we can give customers the best possible recommendations and race waxes when they trust us with their skis.

-Nate Rhode

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