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Birkie prep: Wax service deadlines, Fast Wax clinic, plus last-minute race necessities

The big event is next week. Get out and ski but take it easy–it’s too late to train hard. If, however, you need some last-minute supplies–wax, nutrition, socks without holes–swing by the shop and we will set you up. Check our website and social media feeds for Birkie wax recommendations and updates next week.

Suggestions for American Birkebeiner 2019:

Atomic WC Classic skin skis. $350 including bindings.
Classic racers, check these out. Fast skis and no waxing drama, just great kick!

Yoko YXC Race Suit. Were $100, now $60. Go orange or go home.

Brynje Wool Thermo Tee. $85. This is a super-versatile Merino wool base layer that will keep you both warm and dry during your race.

Birkie Wax Service deadlines:

We will get your skis ready for whatever Mother Nature throws at us.

Drop off skis Monday evening for Wednesday a.m. pickup.
Drop off skis by Tuesday evening for Thursday a.m. pickup.
Drop off skis by Wednesday evening for Friday a.m. pickup.

Our wax service levels and prices ($30 – $85 depending on the amount of fluoros involved) are listed here. Plus, if some structure is needed, we will lay it on there. So crucial for a warm race….

Upcoming events
Fast Wax clinic
Monday, February 18, 6:30 to 7:30 pm
Join Fast Wax as we talk about and demonstrate Birkebeiner Race Waxing. First time getting ready for the big race? Fret not, join us Monday night at Finn Sisu to see how it is done as Fast Wax fully preps a set of skis based on the current race recommendation.
Post-Birkie Finn Sisu Wax clinic
Monday, February 25th at 6:30 pm
Analyze what went right — and wrong — with this year’s race.
See you on the trail!

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