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Tom’s Musings – Musings #9

January 9th, 2019 

Since the 2015/2016 season I’ve been able to shed some of my store responsibilities and work exclusively at stonegrinding. Back to my roots. In my college days back in the early 70’s, I worked seasonally at an alpine ski shop tuning skis initially by handfiling and in subsequent years with various dry/wet sanders . Downstairs in the shop all by myself, me and my tools. So it’s a gas to be working only on skis again. And going from hand files to sophisticated computer driven grinding machines is a dream.

In the previous month I’ve had shoulder and knee surgery. My stonegrinding has been limited or nonexistent. But this speed bump has given me a chance to work with fellow store grunt, Devin Arenz, on learning grinding skills. In addition to being really tall and incredibly busy and being the stores go to guy doing everything , he’s got good hands. And he’s a quick study.

I will be back to grinding in a few weeks in time for all big races coming up in February. With the erratic snowfall this season, our new grind testing guys are slowly getting out and testing a variety of new skate and classic grinds I produced before my surgery. A new concept diamond bit has been involved in some of those new grind ideas, too. I am very anxious to finish vetting the new grinds and getting the success’s on our grind menu.

— Tom Novak, Head Stonegrinder at Finn Sisu

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