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Skate/Classic Grind Menu – 2018/19


Since the 2015/16 ski season on the new Wintersteiger RS Omega machine to the present, grind testing has been a vetting marathon. Four ski seasons of taking the initial successful grind testing ideas, then researching,tweaking, borrowing and winnowing, we have come up with our current offerings. Those seasons have been challenging as well, with erratic temps and snowfall. Manmade snow has been a blessing for testing but I need real snow too. Consistent temps and snow in the skiable range, without rain, would also be welcome. So in addition to our local manmade snow venues and limited real snow access, we have driven to and tested grinds around the state and from Thunder Bay to West Yellowstone. We have therefore covered all relevant conditions and temps. A big shout out to the Finnsisu ski monkeys for their maniacal grind testing pursuit. Being young, unattached and students of the game has its advantages.


Skate Grind Menu 2018/19

BN2W2 Approximately 0° to 10°F — Cold dry abrasive manmade or natural, hard or soft snow.
FAC5 11 Approximately 12° to 30°F — Uni range. Cold dry abrasive manmade or natural, hard or soft snow.
CU2 42 Approximately 30° to 35°F — Moister snow, about when you can start making a snowball.


Classic Grind Menu 2018/19

BN2W Approximately 0° to 10°F — Manmade or natural snow.
WSL Approximately 12° to 30°F — Uni range. Manmade or natural snow.
BN2W3 Approximately 30° to 35°F — Tracks becoming wet but not saturated.


Customer can consider hand structuring over any of the above grinds. Additional grinds exist off-menu for narrower ranges. Call/email Tom Novak ( or come in for recommendations.

*Our grind testing protocol*

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