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Employee Spotlight: Nate Rhode

Started working at Finn Sisu: Fall 2015

Best skiing memory: Skiing this summer in New Zealand. It is by far the best place I’ve skied.

A second less grand but very fun memory was during my first training camp at Giants Ridge with Irondale. A group of skiers, myself included, went skiing on the Oslo trail. The snow coverage was thin that year. There is a long downhill on the trail that turned out to be a rock field cover with a thin layer of snow. We all went down the hill to the sound of bases chirping as they went over the rocks. We ruined all the skis that we were skiing.


Most treasured piece of ski equipment: My boots, despite the love/hate relationship. They’re definitely my most babied piece of equipment.

Favorite sauna scent: Birch.

Favorite flavor of ice cream: A good strawberry.

Favorite kick wax for man-made snow: Rex TK-1814, because it kicks very well in a wide range of temperatures.

Educational background/career goals: I went to school for mechanical engineering and I don’t 100% know what I want to do with it. I enjoyed the medical device work I did while in school.

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