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Celebrate 100 years of Finnish independence: 50% off Optiwax, Peltonen, Rex, and Yoko

In honor of Finland’s 100th birthday, we are offering once-in-a-century prices on some of our most popular Finnish products:

After being a part of Sweden, and then Russia, Finland became an independent nation in 1917. Quick history lesson here.

In honor of Finland’s 100th birthday, we are offering once-in-a century prices on some of our most popular Finnish products:

Optiwax: Opti glide tape always ranks at the top of our wax tests. Fast, durable, and easy to apply, it should be in every wax box. All Optiwax wax is 50% off this week.


Peltonen: We love these Peltonen SkinPros — one of the lightest-weight skin skis available and a good value even at full price. All Peltonen skis are included in this week’s sale.
Rex Blue (pictured) is a Finn Sisu classic, possibly our single best-selling cross country wax in almost 40 years of business. All Rex wax is 50% off this week.
Yoko: Skis, poles, clothing, and accessories  — it’s our biggest brand, and not just be-
cause we love orange. All Yoko 50% off this week.

Plus 50% off all Finn Hooks: oh-so-handy for ironing out those after-workout kinks and knots.

And all Finn Sisu logo product is 50% off. Think tee-shirts, jackets, roller-ski bags….

(Marwe roller skis & accessories and saunas & accessories are not included in this sale!)

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Finn Sisu Summer Lecture Series
Look for talks by nutritionist Jared Sundstrom (August 7), podiatrist Dr. Mindy Benton (August 21), and orthopedist Dr. Heather Cichanowski (September 11) coming up soon. Calendar here.
See you on the trail!

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