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Get Rolling Now with Marwe Rollerskis

As if you need a reason to choose Simply the Best rollerskis…


Marwe100x25Wheel800x600It is almost July, so there’s no time to waste making sure your summer training gear is ready.


Marwe100x25Wheel800x600The Birkie (State Meet, Loppet, insert your favorite race) is only 200 days away.  Can you afford to wait any longer to start preparing?


Marwe100x25Wheel800x600Unless you live on a glacier or some mythical place that has snow 6+ months of the year, you’re likely to spend as much time training on your rollerskis as you are on your snow skis.  Couple that with the fact you probably have several pair of snow skis, and you’ll quickly realize you’re going to spend more time on your rollerskis than any pair of snow skis in your quiver:  it’s (probably) worth it to have the best rollerskis possible.


Marwe100x25Wheel800x600Marwe is the choice of the best.  Ask the best cross country skiers and biathletes in the US which brand of rollerskis they choose and you’ll get virtual unanimity; MARWE.

A full selection of Marwe rollerskis and rollerski accessories from Rex, YOKO, Toko, Bliz and others are available now at Finn Sisu and







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