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Can I Use My Snow Poles For Rollerskiing?

Yes! Yes you can!

The only thing you need to think about is the tip of the pole. Using a tip designed for snow (a snow basket) is not going to work as well as a true roller ferrule. Your snow basket will become dull faster and is more likely to break than a roller ferrule. A roller ferrule is designed with a tough carbide tip to stay sharp longer and provide grip on the hard pavement.

Ferrules and baskets interchange easily using hot glue, just heat up your basket, slide it off, apply glue to pole, and slide on ferrule. Or bring your poles into the store when you purchase your ferrules and we will do it for you.

When your ferrule gets dull, you can sharpen them using a greenstone grinder wheel, or bring them into the shop and let us do them for you.

Some people have a designated set of rollerski poles, but it is not necessary. Skiers usually do this when they are concerned about breaking their high-end race poles, or when they want the convenience of not having to switch the baskets to ferrules every fall and spring.

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