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Pants, jackets, vests and race suits 25% off

Snow yesterday. Snow today. A skier could get used to this….
So pick up a new jacket, pants or race suit and save 25%.

Then put on your new clothes and and get out and ski!








25% off all regularly priced jackets, vests and pants.
All the brands and styles you need: Bjorn Daehlie, Craft, Yoko, SmartWool. Tights, wind pants, fleece-lined pants.



25% off all race suits: From Yoko and Finn Sisu: Just $75!

SmartWool makes some of the warmest base layers available. Check out this review of the PhD Light Zip T by Richard Nysse.
Upcoming events

Fast Wax cold-wax clinic:
Dan Meyer from Fast Wax will be at Finn Sisu on Wednesday, January 11 at 6:30 pm to discuss cold-weather waxing. Don’t miss his tips on how to keep your skis gliding no matter the snow temperature, including which brushes to use (and which to avoid.)

Finn Sisu wax clinics: Every Monday through February at 6:30 pm.






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