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Stonegrinding: An Example of the Process


While running skis over this new Wintersteiger stone- grinder, the mind always gets busy with grind thoughts and things that slide. Always thinking about a new grind idea and crunching variables  – shape, depth, real snow, man-made,
cold, dry, relative humidity, dirty, old,  skied in, freshly fallen, Dec Jan Feb March, sunny, cloudy, snowballs, snowmen, squeaky, nostrils stick together, wind, sugary, ice, trees, pollen, city, woods, rural, flex, hinge, tail, on and on, etc. etc. etc. etc. – and always writing stuff down. My desk is a mess. Eventually a viable idea.  Grab a junk ski, punch in some numbers/parameters, run structure preview, run the ski – then look and feel with eye and fingernail, and find the right light angle with the loupe.

So last winter I sent a bunch of newly ground test skis with the guys to West Yellowstone, JQ’s in Houghton, Telemark, Wausau and Theodore Wirth. And all the usual Midwest master races -City of Lakes, Mora Vasaloppet, Noque, Birkie, Finlandia, Bear Chase.

Blind testing provided some unexpected interesting results.

I have a new true “uni” – aka CU1 42.

Come on in and I’ll show you.


More info on stonegrinding here.

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