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Are you ready to ski?

We’ll have snow any day now. Are you ready to ski? Here’s a late-November check list:

Gear: If you need any skis, boots, poles or clothes, come in now while inventory is good. If you have some skis but are not sure what conditions they are best suited for, you are the perfect candidate for our Flex Tester.

Accessories: Check out our Gear Talk column for ideas about good-to-have equipment. And don’t forget to check out our Monday night wax clinics.

Training: Tired of pole hiking? Swing by the shop and log some time on the SkiErg.

More below….

The New Finn Sisu Flex Tester: Understand Your Skis
Did you struggle with your skis at last year’s Birkie? Have some older skis that no longer seem to fit? Bring them all in to be analyzed on our new Flex Tester so you can understand what your current skis can do and uncover any gaps in your fleet.

Created by skier and engineer extraordinaire Toby Markowitz, with input from Ahvo Taipale, the Flex Tester is the most precise ski fitting machine in existence.

Packed with 43 sensors, the Flex Tester measures where your skis will make contact with the snow. We input your weight, and then the Tester applies force, gauging ski contact at various loads.

The Flex Tester is particularly valuable in defining the kick zone on classic skis. We can tell you where and exactly how many layers of kick wax to apply while still maintaining good glide.

Check out the video explanation here.

Call Finn Sisu at 651-645-2443 for an appointment. Analysis of up to six pairs of skis is $50. More skis than that? We’ll negotiate.

Updating or replacing gear?
Finn Sisu Test Team Member Marjie Carr-Oxley writes about some of her recent equipment acquisitions:
Bliz ProflipAfter skiing for a number of years, the need to purchase additional gear – whether it be ski equipment, waxes or clothing – can ebb and flow from one year to the next. More here.

New Training Opportunity:

500m maximum effort on the SkiErg.

Looks like Devin is in the lead. Come in and log your time!

Upcoming events:
Monday night wax clinics
, 6:30 pm, now through February
Next Monday, December 5th, we will be going over kick waxing. Whether you are a seasoned pro or a novice waxer, we guarantee you will learn something new.
See you on the trail!






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