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Ski Fleet Assessment: Ski your best … in all conditions

How well do you know your skis?


Do you have the right skis to handle slushy man-made snow? Icy cold hard pack? When you look at the weather forecast for the Birkie, do you know which pair to take out of your bag?


If you are not exactly sure what you’ve got in your quiver, have a pair of skis that isn’t performing well anymore, or are thinking about buying a new pair of skis, then have your fleet analyzed by the experts at Finn Sisu. You will learn when and how to use each pair, so you can ski your best in all conditions.

The assessment process:


1) Interview: We will ask your weight, general level of fitness, skiing experience, and the conditions in which the skis perform best and worst.


2) Fitting:

Tools include:

The board: You stand on your skis while we test the flex, stiffness, and pressure distribution under various load levels.


The Flex Tester: We will measure and graph the skis’ flex and stiffness and help you understand the conditions under which they will perform best. For classic skis, we will fine-tune the wax pocket, recommending both the length of the kick zone and the optimal number of wax layers. We will sticker your skis with their individual flex patterns, making it simple for your to understand and choose the right ski for the conditions.

Once we have assessed your skis, we will identify any gaps in your fleet and also recommend the best stone grind structure for each pair of skis.

You will leave the shop with a thorough understanding of your skis, making race day decisions easy.


All the data for your skis will be stored for future reference.


Please call Greg at 651-645-2443 to schedule a time for your evaluation.


The price for this service is $50 for up to six pairs of skis. Fees for additional pairs can be negotiated.

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