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Expert advice: Ahvo Taipale will test your fitness August 27, and Jill Winegar will teach you about core strength, 8/29

Want to get a personalized measure of your current fitness level as your summer training wraps up?

Want to learn how to tailor your training to improve your weaknesses?

Want a simple way to assess how your fitness is progressing through the training year?
Then come to our fitness testing session at Battle Creek on Saturday morning, August 27, at 9 am.  We will meet at the Winthrop Street ski trails near the base of the sledding hill next to the Battle Creek Community Center.

This testing session is free and open to skiers of all levels, ages, and abilities.
We’ll start with the cardiovascular fitness test which involves several laps of hiking/running at progressively harder intensity.  We will help you plot your results on a chart which can be used to set the training zones you should focus on in your training.


Next we’ll measure your strength using a protocol developed by the Canadian Ski Team.  If strength isn’t your forte or you’ve had some injuries we will show you some modifications to help you continue to make gains.

The entire testing session should take about 1 1/2 hours with time for discussion afterwards.


What to Bring.

– Running shoes and athletic clothing

– Heart rate monitor (very helpful!) or a watch with stop-watch function

– Water bottle

The final fitness test of the season will be Saturday, October 29.

Lecture: Jill Winegar on what is core training anyway, why do it, and how to do it effectively, August 29th at 6 pm
Want to learn how to improve your core fitness? Then stop by Finn Sisu at 6 pm on Monday, August 29th to hear Jill Winegar, master trainer and fitness director at the Minneapolis club, demystify this popular concept, and give you some great take-away concepts and exercises. Please wear comfortable clothes.

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