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Birkie Wax tips, support East Metro snow making, structure Q&A

The big event in Hayward is looming, and the weather looks crazy! Check our Birkie wax recommendations below, as well as our expert ski tuner Tom Novak’s thoughts on structure. And if you want to see snow-making come to the east Metro, please sign this petition and contact your representative.
Wax Recommendations for the Birkie, Saturday February 20

For glide, we are recommending Glide Tape 1 or Rex High Fluor Glider Powder. Putting a harder layer underneath either of these will help harden the ski bases which will make them faster in the transformed snow. Optiwax LF3 or Rex RCF Black or Pink are all solid choices.The best powder will Optiwax Fluor powder 0.
The topcoat will be Optiwax Fluorblock 1 or Rex TK-125For kick, we suggest using a thin layer of Rex Base Klister, and topping it with Rex OV Brown Klister if it stays warm overnight Friday, or Optiwax Universal Klister if it gets below freezing for a significant amount of time on Friday night.

Cotton Kills!If you any questions about how to layer for cross country skiing, check out the latest from Finn Sisu Test team member Jim Carlen:
“How many times have we heard that as skiers or hikers?  Probably because it’s true! Cotton is such a terrible insulator that it can absorb up to 27x its weight in moisture.” (More here.)
A primer on ski structure from our expert ski tuner Tom Novak:What does structure do? The purpose of structure is to alleviate suction. Picture two planes of glass with a couple drops of water in between. It’s very difficult to pull the panes apart. Cut a few fine grooves into the glass and then repeat. The pieces of glass will slip apart easily.

When should we put structure in our skis? Anytime the snow is wet enough to make into a snowball, it’s time for some structure.What kind of structure should we use? As with everything, it depends. How long are will you be out skiing? What is the weather forecast? Ideally, you would test various patterns of structure: chevron, linear, cross hatch. But when the snow is full of moisture, any structure will make your skis faster.

If you have further questions, stop by or give us a call!

Want snow-making at Battle Creek? Act now!In partnership with key stakeholders, Ramsey County is leading an effort to secure state funding for further development of a Winter Recreation Area at Battle Creek Regional Park. We need your voice to be heard! Join us in making this a reality!

Proposed improvements include a 2.5km snow-making loop for cross country skiing, a rope tow and terrain park for downhill skiing and snowboarding, and a rope tow for a tubing hill.

Please take a moment to both sign the petition and contact your representative. More info here.

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