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Wax Service at JNQ Races

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Finn Sisu will be providing elite-level racing service at all 4 weekends of Midwest Junior National Qualifying races for the 2015-2016 season. The two goals of the program are to allow all skiers to have access to high quality waxing service even if they don’t have a club which provides them with this service and to provide coaches with information and on-site access to Optiwax and Rex wax.

The Finn Sisu Wax Crew will be led by former Salomon Factory Team race technician and current Finn Sisu manager Kevin Johnson, with on-site cooperation from highly experienced ski techs.


  • In the week leading-up to each weekend of qualifiers, a Preview Email will be sent on Wednesday outlining ski prep needed for the specific conditions relevant to that weekend’s races as well as details of drop-off location for skis and an overview of the weekend.
  • In the days before the event, the Wax Crew will research snow and weather conditions, and execute on-site wax tests to determine the optimal race wax.
  • The Wax Crew will provide race-glider, fluoro top-coat, kick-waxing and hand-structure as needed for each race. For Sprint races, skis may be re-waxed as needed following the qualification round and during the “heats.”
  • Skis should arrive cleaned of all kick-wax, kick zones marked, and prepped with a basic hydrocarbon (or low-fluoro) as specified in the Preview Email.

Please let us know if you will need help with determining your kick zones, selecting skis or anything else you may have questions about.

The price is $50/weekend or $160 for the full season of JNQ races.


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