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Hello coldness my old friend! 14 cold-weather essentials.

Looks like we missed the snow here in the Metro but are getting the cold weather instead.
Time to check our list of cold-weather essentials and make sure you’ve the gear you need to beat the cold.
Finn Sisu’s cold-weather essentials check list:
 Warm hats Wool or wool blends work best, and ear flaps are nice to have, too.
 Balaclavas – Cover up your neck and face with a snugly fitting balaclava.
 Bliz Rush eyewear – the best goggles for cold weather. They have a super comfortable fit that keeps the visor close to the face and blocks the cold.

Warm Skin® – a cream that serves as a barrier from moisture loss from within, and as a barrier to cold from outside, reducing the risk of frostbite, cracked and dry skin. Polar explorer Ann Bancroft uses this product, as do the Minnesota Vikings. Guess it didn’t help them hang on to the ball this afternoon. Comes in a 3-ounce tube or a 16-ounce jar.
Frost Tape – tape your nose and checks to fend off frost bite. Lots of fun colors.
Wool base layers – SmartWool, Sherpa, and Bjorn Daehlie make some of our favorite merino wool pieces.
Wind Briefs – Be sure to get a pair with WINDSTOPPER®  (see below.)WINDSTOPPER® – is actually a laminate used in lots of outdoor clothing. The technology blocks the wind while allowing moisture to pass from inside to out. Look for it in jackets, pants, base layers, mittens and hats when warmth is your top priority.
Warm mittensLill Sport, Toko, Yoko — we sell wool liners, too.
Boot covers – It’s hard to layer socks under snugly fitting ski boots, but a pair of fleece-lined boot covers will keep your feet warm for hours.

Green waxes – Green is your go-to color when temperatures plummet. One of our  faves: Start Green, with a range of 14 to -22.

Yoko YXR Carbon skis, skate and classic — our tester raved about how fast these skis ran in the cold at West Yellowstone.

Cold weather grinds — Tom Novak, our ski tuning expert, recommends a very fine linear grind or the F3 superfine grind. The most important thing, though, is to grind your skis when the poly on the bases begins to scab. A grind will refresh the polyethylene, allowing for better wax adhesion in all temperatures, which means improved durability and faster skis.

Saunas — Plan ahead for the next cold snap and order your sauna today. Because when it’s double digits below zero and windy, it is OK to stay inside!



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