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More fall training programs start this week — sign up now and be a better skier this winter!

We’ve got three more Nordic ski training programs starting this fall:

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Marwe Skate 620XC Rollerski - $369.00

Rossignol X-IUM Carbon Premium Skate - $700.00

Alpina ECL 2.0 - $600.00


Dear Struggling Skier:

If you’ve hit a plateau in your summer training, here’s some timely advice from Finn Sisu Test Team Member Sue Swanson:

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Right run, wrong shoes

At just under 8 miles long, it was billed as “one of the nicest trail runs available in Minnesota.” ‘Nuff said. I slipped on my shoes, grabbed a water bottle, and headed out on a gorgeous late July morning.

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Can I Use My Snow Poles For Rollerskiing?

Yes! Yes you can!

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Woulda, coulda, shoulda: Things we wish we knew then …

Over the past few years there are countless times we can look back on and wish we did differently. Below we will highlight a few of these things that we would give as general advice to new or beginning skiers. By Jim Carlen and Tom Woolhouse  

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