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Enjoy the snow! Deals on skis and clothing | Race wax service

WE’VE GOT REAL SNOW!  GET OUT AND SKI! Whether you’re racing in the City of Lakes Loppet this weekend or setting out for a leisurely ski tour at William O’Brien State Park, swing by Finn Sisu for great deals on new Yoko YXR skis ($325 plus free prep wax) and Fischer Carbonlite skis (we can’t […]

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Hello polar vortex! 14 cold-weather essentials.

Looks like the polar vortex is getting the best of El Niño this week in the upper Midwest. Time to check our list of cold-weather essentials and make sure you’ve the gear you need to beat the cold. Finn Sisu’s cold-weather essentials check list:  Warm hats – Wool or wool blends work best, and ear    […]

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Test Team Review: Base layer Briefs

Test Team Member Sara Conrad reports:

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Security, We’ve Got a Code Pink!

by Test Team member Marjie Carr-Oxley

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The ABCs of JNs and JNQs

by Test Team Member Val Hart.

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Here We Go Again: Dealing with Injury

by Kermit Pattison. I didn’t see it coming. It was the last day of summer and I had just reached the turnaround point in a two-hour rollerski. My attention was fully absorbed on technique. Which is another way of saying I failed to watch where I was going.

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