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2019 MN State Fair Sauna Sale

Save big by purchasing a sauna before September 2! Stop by our booth in the Home Improvement building or swing by the shop and let us help you select the perfect sauna for your space and budget.

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Lecture: Dietitian Jared Sundstrom on what to eat for peak skiing performance, Monday, August 5 at 6 pm

You invest time and money into year-round training, the best skis, and fastest fluoro waxes. But what about the food that fuels your skiing? If you want to learn more about how to use nutrition to improve your ski racing results, then don’t miss Jared Sundstrom’s talk at 6 pm on Monday, August 5.

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Register today! Vakava Juniors Summer Training Program kicks off June 10th.

Calling all middle school, high school, and college skiers: train with us this summer and ski faster next season!

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Rento Sauna Scent - Eucalyptus - $11.00

Marwe Skate 620XC Rollerski - $389.00

V2 Roller Ferrule-10mm - $17.50


Q: How long should my roller ski poles be? Should they be longer than my snow poles since my roller skis are a couple inches off the ground?

A: Your snow poles will work fine. Think about it:  When you ski, you plant your poles and they sink an inch or two into the snow. 

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Roller Ski Shaft Differences

Marwe roller skis come in two formats, Aluminum, denoted by a “A” in the name, as in 610A (Skate), 590A (skate on combi shaft), etc. Or composite shafts, now denoted by “XC” in the name, such as 700Xc (classic), or 620Xc (skate). This was previously just called a “C”, but around 2013, Marwe updated, and […]

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Want to be a better roller skier?

Watch four-time Olympian Andy Newell´s training videos.

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2018-19 Epilogue — What did we learn: new products at the World Championships

I am a full-time employee at Finn Sisu and a Rex World Cup wax technician, having waxed skis at two World Championships and the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.  While working at these elite events, I get to know the industry side of things and have ample opportunity to help develop and give input on future products. 

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Rollerskiing Safety

Some general advice on how to rollerski safely:

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Rollerskiing Maintenance

A few tips to consider as we approach the rollerskiing season:

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