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Mora Vasaloppet wax recommendations

Glide: Rex:  Pink  (transformed snow), TK-63 powder, TK-72 Block. Optiwax: Hard powder (top performer at the MN High School state meet this week), Opti 2 Powder, Opti 3 Block. Kick: If you don’t have the strength to double pole, try Rode special green or Swix polar. (Based on the forecast today, 2/11.)

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The inside scoop on Mora plus wax advice

Wax Recommendations for the Mora Vasaloppet, Saturday February 13 Glide Wax: Rex: RCF Pink (transformed snow), TK-63 powder, TK-72  block. Optiwax: Hard powder, Opti 2 powder, Opti 3 block. Kick Wax: Use skate poles….We’ll provide kick wax recommendations closer to race date on our web site. Finn Sisu owner Ahvo Taipale visited Mora this morning […]

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It’s not all about the wax: multiple factors that allow wax to do its job

Local legend and Finn Sisu staffer Greg Weier offers his thoughts on the relative importance of wax, stone grinding, and ski flex. Interview by Test Team member Kermit Pattison.

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Test Team Review: Base layer Briefs

Test Team Member Sara Conrad reports:

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Security, We’ve Got a Code Pink!

by Test Team member Marjie Carr-Oxley

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The ABCs of JNs and JNQs

by Test Team Member Val Hart.

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Here We Go Again: Dealing with Injury

by Kermit Pattison. I didn’t see it coming. It was the last day of summer and I had just reached the turnaround point in a two-hour rollerski. My attention was fully absorbed on technique. Which is another way of saying I failed to watch where I was going.

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