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The End of Gel/Chew/Bar Wrapper Landfill Guilt?

by Test Team member Marjie Carr-Oxley

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Notes from dietitian Jared Sundstrom’s 8/7 talk on nutrition

Many requests for this handout, both from attendees and those who couldn’t make it. Thanks again, Jared, for the excellent info!

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Skiers: You should be SUPing

Stand-up paddleboarding lessons at Rice Creek Boat Club start July 10

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V2 Roller Ferrule-8mm - $17.50

Marwe Skate 620XC Rollerski - $369.00

Marwe Combi 800XC Rollerski - $369.00


Here We Go Again: Dealing with Injury

by Kermit Pattison, Test Team member

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Here’s a recommendation on a great place to roller ski: Brown’s Creek trail, by Val Hart

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Q: What kind of boots should I use for roller skiing?

A: For skate roller skiing, most people use a fairly new skate boot.

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Can I Use My Snow Poles For Rollerskiing?

Yes! Yes you can!

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More stonegrind musings from Tom Novak

Man-made snow and contaminants:

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