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Ski Flex Primer

by Test Team member Kermit Pattison   A timely reminder of the importance of having skis with the proper flex:

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Gear Talk: A Little Goes a Long Way

After skiing for a number of years, the need to purchase additional gear – whether it be ski equipment, waxes or clothing – can ebb and flow from one year to the next. One season may find us trying or adding small things here and there, while others are notable for big purchases such as […]

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How to train when the conditions aren’t postcard perfect

How does a skier stay motivated when faced with poor skiing conditions or the same few artificial snow venues for training?

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Employee Spotlight: Nate Rhode

Started working at Finn Sisu: Fall 2015

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Tom’s Musings – Achieving Slippery Skis

The importance of a clean ski base cannot be understated when talking about achieving optimal glide performance.

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Summary of Greg Weier’s talk on new classic ski technologies

First, a disclaimer: “Universal” is the one word we shouldn’t use in the ski industry. Every one of us has made a bad ski choice on a given day. Nothing is foolproof.

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