Stonegrind w/ Wax Service

Stonegrind w/ Wax Service

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Make your skis faster and easier to wax.  For master skiers, collegiate racers, high school racers, or recreational skiers looking to clean up the bases on their Nordic skis. Stonegrinding will flatten structure and remove scabbed polyethylene. Wax adheres better when polyethylene is fresh. In dry snow, structuring creates the necessary mechanical interaction with snow crystals resulting in better glide. In moist snow, structuring can reduce the attraction of moisture to the base and itself resulting in better glide. Our process includes machining, hand work, a coat of Rex Base Oil, two coats of Opti blue glide wax and one coat of Opti green glide wax. Make sure glide wax is scraped and brushed and kick wax is removed from base and sidewalls. Additional $10 charge for us to clean skis.

Need more info on stonegrinding? Please contact Tom Novak at 651 645 2443 or 

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