Yoko YXC OptiGrip 2.0 Racing Waxless Skis

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Yoko YXC OptiGrip 2.0 Racing Waxless Skis

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The Yoko YXC Optigrip is a waxless classic ski with a wide operating range for active skiers. It is a good option for anyone from casual skiers to more competetive skiers that are tired of waxing their skis.

How Does Optigrip Work?

YOKO Optigrip 2.0 skis feature a new Optigrip 2.0 coating. The ski’s performance is based in the layer of water that forms under the fully coated base and, in partnership with the nano-base, creates plenty of adhesion and very little friction. The adhesion allows the ski to grip, and the minimal friction allows it to glide. The differential between the adhesion and friction has been increased to an unprecedented size in the new Optigrip 2.0 coating.

Benefits of Optigrip

  • The skis are at optimum performance almost immediately after they are first put to use.
  • Better grip and glide properties
  • The ski’s optimal operating range is broad and skiing is also enjoyable on cold and dry snow.
  • Very small risk of freezing in challenging sleet weather.

For more about the Optigrip technology, visit http://yoko.fi/materials-and-rd/yoko-optigrip/


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