Optiwax Glide Tape 1 - 40m Package

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Optiwax Glide Tape 1 - 40m Package

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Glide Tape is a great option for easy waxing. It is a highly fluorinated glide wax attached to a paper backing, which makes it extremely simple to apply. This has been a Finn Sisu staff favorite for both training and racing. The combination of Glide Tape and any of the Optiwax Fluor Blocks is hard to beat for its simplicity and speed!

Optiwax Glide Tape 1  is made for high humidity conditions. It contains fluorocarbons, which increase glide properties in wet and dirty snow. Glide Tape 1 is the perfect the choice for use as a universal glide wax. +5...-10°C. It is simple to apply and is extremely durable. The tape is 40m long by 60mm wide. The video below shows the application procedure. Check out Glide Tape 2 Kikkan Edition for your colder temperatures.

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