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  • Athletic Conditioning for Nordic Skiers

    Date: 4.12.2017

    Time: 6:00 pm

    Meet: St. Paul College

    Master Trainer Jill Winegar will lead the class, which will combine elements of power, plyometrics, core and cardio conditioning to improve your skiing performance. Kettlebell, TRX and Pilates will be incorporated into class formats. Instruction will emphasize correct biomechanics and training technique.

    Registration materials here.

    Open to all levels of skiers looking to improve their ski performance.



    Program will be cancelled if fewer than eight athletes register.


    Directions here.

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  • Vakava Masters Year-Round Training Program

    Date: 5.02.2017

    Time: var

    Meet: Battle Creek

    Given the way winters are trending, summer ski training has never been more important!

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  • Springfest

    Date: 5.12.2017

    Time: all day

    Meet: Finn Sisu

    Sweet deals on saunas and more!

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  • Vakava Juniors 2017 Summer Training program

    Date: 6.12.2017

    Meet: various

    Calling all junior high, high school and collegiate skiers. Time to sign up for the 2017 Vakava Juniors Summer Training program. Be a better skier next winter!

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