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More stonegrind musings

So with a new Wintersteiger Omega RS 150 machine and all its bells and whistles, I wanted to see if I could come up with another ‘uni’ grind idea.


Product Review: SmartWool PhD Light Zip Top – Men’s

The “PhD” in the name for this SmartWool product is an acronym for “Performance in the Highest Degree.” One could, I think legitimately, object to the trivialization of a term like “PhD.” But I will surrender that objection for the more important test of actual performance.


Heroes: The People Who Gave Me Skiing

In the midst of last year’s low-snow winter, I discovered a 200-yard strip of decent snow in a park not far from my house, made a set of tracks and then skied back and forth for a half hour just to get a ski fix.  When I recounted this to my mother, she smiled and said “I didn’t realize it was genetic.”

Stonegrinding: An Example of the Process


While running skis over this new Wintersteiger stone- grinder, the mind always gets busy with grind thoughts and things that slide. Always thinking about a new grind idea and crunching variables  – shape, depth, real snow, man-made,
cold, dry, (more…)

Gear Talk: A Little Goes a Long Way

After skiing for a number of years, the need to purchase additional gear – whether it be ski equipment, waxes or clothing – can ebb and flow from one year to the next. One season may find us trying or adding small things here and there, while others are notable for big purchases such as new skis, boots or poles.  This time around, I made a few additions/substitutions to my skiing toolbox that while relatively small, were key and worthy of passing along. (more…)

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