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New session of Athletic Conditioning for Nordic Skiers starts July 16

Strength training is an essential piece of a good skier’s training plan.

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Newsletter: Summer Lecture Series

We’re kicking off the Finn Sisu summer 2014 lecture series next Tuesday, June 17 at 6 pm with master trainer Jill Winegar speaking on corrective exercises for Nordic skiers. The following Monday, June 23, at 6 pm, Dr. Heather Cichanowski, MD, will discuss the proper use of NSAIDs.

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Q: What kind of boots should I use for roller skiing?

A: For skate roller skiing, most people use a fairly new skate boot.

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Q: How long should my roller ski poles be? Should they be longer than my snow poles since my roller skis are a couple inches off the ground?

A: Your snow poles will work fine. Think about it:  When you ski, you plant your poles and they sink an inch or two into the snow. 

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Q: My regular roller ski route is getting dull. How do I find a new trail?

A: I always forget that keeps a pretty good list of trails in the upper Midwest.

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Q: Is running a necessary part of Nordic ski training?

A: Yes, if you want to be a great skier.

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