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Registration now open for Vakava Masters 2017 Year-Round Training

Given the way winters are trending, summer ski training has never been more important!  

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Welcome home Jessie, sign up for training programs, act now for BC snow-making, plus deals on ski gear

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Register now for spring and summer training programs

With winters trending the way they have been, your off-season training has never been more important.

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Yoko YXR Skate Carbon - $579.00

Exel Ultra OEB - $225.00

Marwe Skate 620XC Rollerski - $369.00


More stonegrind musings from Tom Novak

Man-made snow and contaminants:

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Stonegrind musings from Tom Novak

Mostly, my customer is a master skier, high school racer or collegiate racer. Mostly, these skiers own three pairs of skis or fewer.

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More stonegrind musings

So with a new Wintersteiger Omega RS 150 machine and all its bells and whistles, I wanted to see if I could come up with another ‘uni’ grind idea.

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Product Review: SmartWool NTS Mid 250 Zip-T Long Underwear Top

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Stonegrind Musings

Running customer skis listening to Morrison’s Roadhouse Blues.

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Product Review: SmartWool PhD Light Zip Top – Men’s

The “PhD” in the name for this SmartWool product is an acronym for “Performance in the Highest Degree.” One could, I think legitimately, object to the trivialization of a term like “PhD.” But I will surrender that objection for the more important test of actual performance.

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